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Tension and compression strength tester (INSTRON model 5565) max capacity 5 kN.

CAN/CGSB-4.2, No. 09.1 – M90 Breaking strength of fabrics – Strip method

CAN/CGSB-4.2, No. 09.2 – M90 Breaking strength of fabrics – Grab method

ASTM D 5034 Breaking strength and elongation of textile fabrics (Grab test)

ASTM D 5035 Breaking force and elongation of textile fabrics (Strip method)

CAN/CGSB-4.2, No. 32.1 – M98 Resistance of woven fabrics to seam slippage

CAN/CGSB-4.2, No. 32.2 – M89 Breaking strength of seams in woven fabrics

ASTM D 434 Resistance to slippage of yarns in woven fabric using a standard seam

CAN/CGSB-4.2, No. 12.1 – M90 Tearing strength – Single-rip method

ASTM D 2262 Tearing strength of woven fabric by the tongue (Single rip) method

CAN/CGSB-4.2, No. 12.2 – 95 Tearing strength – Trapezoid method

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Xenon Arc Weatherometer (Atlas Ci35W) for colourfastness to light testing.

CAN/CGSB-4.2, No. 18.3-97/ISO 105-B02:1994 Colorfastness to light: Xenon arc fading test

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Launder-Ometer for colourfastness to laundry and drycleaning tests.

CAN/CGSB-4.2, No. 19.1 – M90 Color fastness to washing – Accelerated tests launder-ometer

CAN/CGSB-4.2, No. 19.2-2003/ISO 105-C06:1994 Colourfastness to domestic and commercial laundering

CAN/CGSB-4.2, No. 29.1 – M89 Colourfastness to dry cleaning solvent

AATCC Test Method 132 - 2013 Colorfastness to dry cleaning solvent

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Wascator for dimensional stability testing and precondition of fabrics and garments.

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Crockmeter for colourfastness to rubbing tests.

CAN/CGSB-4.2, No. 22 – M90 Color fastness to rubbing (Crocking)

AATCC Test Method 8 - 2013 Colorfastness to crocking - Crockmeter method

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