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Steam and hot water protection

Steam and hot water hazards at industrial worksites are becoming much more commonplace with increased use of steam extraction methods in the oil and gas industries. Steam and hot water can easily penetrate the clothing system and seriously damage skin tissues. For those working in areas with high risk of steam exposure, burn injuries can lead to pain, permanent disability or even death.

The test apparatus developed by the Protective Clothing and Equipment Research Facility (PCERF) of the University of Alberta allows for valid and reliable evaluation of the protective performance of a fabric sample against steam and hot water. During a test, each specimen is exposed to steam or hot water for 10 seconds. Temperature vs. time data will be collected for 60 seconds. Temperature data can be used to calculate the heat flux and the total absorbed energy. The heat-flux history is then used in a multi-layer skin model to determine the time required to predict the onset of second or third degree burn and absorbed energy. 

Testing capabilities include:

ASTM F 2701 Standard test method for evaluating heat transfer through materials for protective clothing upon contact with a hot liquid splash

Non-standard steam burn protection test

Non-standard hot water protection test

Non-standard hot water spray manikin test

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