Testing Services

Comfort performance
With advances in textile technology, and an increasing need for high performance protective clothing, requirements for fabrics and clothing include not only protection and durability, but also comfort. Comfort is a pleasant state of physiological, psychological and physical harmony between a human being and the environment. With capabilities for both objective and subjective measurement techniques, PCERF can inform textile manufacturers whether their efforts on fabric development and garment des… Read More

Steam and hot water protection
Steam and hot water hazards at industrial worksites are becoming much more commonplace with increased use of steam extraction methods in the oil and gas industries. Steam and hot water can easily penetrate the clothing system and seriously damage skin tissues. For those working in areas with high risk of steam exposure, burn injuries can lead to pain, permanent disability or even death. Read More

Heat and flame protection
Employees in hazardous occupations such as structural and wildland firefighters, emergency responders, military personnel, welders, workers from oil and gas industries, and those who work in an environment with potential flame and/or other heat sources, may be required to wear clothing constructed from protective materials. The garments worn should provide adequate protection to reduce the burn injury resulting from flame and intense heat. The level of protection provided can be evaluated throug… Read More